Pediatric/Children’s Dentistry

We welcome patients of all ages, although we do refer most of our youngest patients to a specialist for any major restorative work needed. Bringing in your child for a quick baby checkup around the age of one can help set the stage for good dental health and orofacial development as they grow up.

Safe Amalgam Removal

There are many healthy, durable, and biocompatible alternatives to mercury amalgam “silver” fillings today. If you choose to replace your mercury fillings, rest assured that we take strong measures to protect you – and our office, dental team, and environment – from exposure to that potent neurotoxin. We offer biocompatibility testing to ensure that whatever material we use to restore your teeth is one you will not react negatively to. And we will gladly consult with your physician to support you through your post-removal detox.

Root Canal Removal

Lingering infection in root canal treated teeth can have long-term implications on your overall health. We can surgically remove these problem teeth and thoroughly disinfect the socket to protect against future problems such as cavitations (areas of infected, decaying bone hidden from view by healthy soft tissue). We are happy to work with your physician or other healthcare providers in supporting your whole body healing after this procedure. And once the sites are healed, we can replace those teeth with biocompatible implants or partial dentures.

Cavitation Surgery

If you have cavitations resulting from earlier oral surgery, we can surgically clean and disinfect the site so healthy new tissue can proliferate. Here, as in all of our surgical procedures, we use platelet rich fibrin (PRF) to help speed healing, enhance blood flow to the site, reduce pain, and spur the generation of new tissue. Learn more about PRF here.

TMJ & Sleep Apnea Therapies

Dr. Sessions is a certified provider of the DNA Appliance, which stimulates stem cells in the jaws to help reshape the airway and address problems such as bruxing (teeth grinding at night), TMJ dysfunction, and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Other types of splint and appliance therapy are available, as well, to help you find relief from Sleep Breathing Disorder or chronic face, head, jaw, and neck pain.

Dental Implants

When you need to replace a missing tooth, implants are one of the best options available. They look and function just like natural teeth, and with proper care, they can last just as long. The implant is surgically placed in your jaw, and then topped with a crown or bridge. We offer both titanium and biocompatible ceramic implants to restore your smile.