Though we constantly strive to improve our methods, techniques, knowledge, and materials, dental care is never 100% risk-free. Before committing to any treatment, discuss any concerns you may have both with us and your health care team.

While we are committed to patient education and giving you the information you need to make the best decisions about your care, it is your responsibility to thoroughly investigate all treatment options and decide which, if any, to choose.

Although standard dentistry and medicine strive to provide excellent patient care, it is impossible to do this without considering that some patients do not respond to conventional therapies.

As ancient wise men, physicians, and philosophers have known for centuries the body is interconnected. Only recently has modern Western medicine embraced this truth – at least in part.

By correcting problems in the mouth, some medical problems will undoubtedly be corrected. Even so, it is unwise to believe that certain dental procedures could “cure” you of all ailments.

We make no claim that any dental treatment will be the solution to medical woes.